Pinacolada & Coconut wax melts and wax burner set


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Pinacolada and coconut-scented wax melts and wax burner are a perfect addition to create a tropical and relaxing ambience in any room of your home.

The wax melts are made of high-quality soy wax infused with the tropical fragrance of juicy pineapple as well as a gorgeous coconut aroma. As the wax melts, it releases the scent into the air, filling your room with a refreshing and tropical aroma that can transport you to a sunny beach vacation.

The wax burner is designed to melt the wax melts safely and efficiently to enjoy the fragrance. Simply place a wax melt into the top of the burner, and light a small tea light candle underneath, the wax will gradually melt, releasing the fragrance and creating a soothing atmosphere.

This combination of pina colada and coconut-scented wax melts and the wax burner is ideal for creating a calming and tropical environment in your home. Whether you want to unwind after a long day or simply enjoy a refreshing scent, these wax melts and burners are a perfect choice. They also make a great gift for anyone who loves tropical scents or needs a little relaxation in their life.


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