There are so many products out there that undoubtedly affect many individuals that have sensitive skin, especially when it comes to bath products I included them in this issue, unfortunately. Everyone’s skin is different and some will have different allergies from others when it comes to using bath products. It is always best to do your research when it comes to products to use when you have sensitive skin and take your doctor’s advice, it is always smart to try and see if you can get an allergy test to know what does affect your skin and what doesn’t. An allergy test can usually place a small amount of the product you will be using on the creases of your elbow and wait for 48 and watch to see if there is a reaction, if so do not use that product.

Bath bombs are a key staple of many spa evenings or self-care evenings and when you have sensitive skin it can be hard to find products that do not irritate and upset your skin. Today we are going to look at a few different things you should possibly take into account when searching for bath products that will not cause you discomfort when it comes to your skin.


Many bath bombs use essential oils and a variety of fragrances to create an amazing experience. However, when it comes to sensitive skin having a strongly scented bath bomb may cause more irritation rather than a joyful experience. It is always best to check and read into the fragrances the bath bombs include, if you find you seem to have an issue with one scent more than other scents it may be best to avoid that fragrance. Although some are known to help with skin issues, it is always best to be safe and make sure these oils are diluted when used and never to be put on the skin undiluted. Many are diluted when it comes to bath bombs and skincare however your skin may still have a reaction and it is always best to be careful.

Some bath bombs may use artificial fragrancing which can lead to a reaction more than holistic essential oils. Look for less extravagant fragrances and stick to soft and simpler scents such as lavender or coconut, these are usually scents that are okay for sensitive skin ( although it is good to remember that all skin is different and may be affected differently) due to their properties as natural scents which are much easier to come by in essential oils rather than being artificial fragrance.

There are many different hypoallergenic bath bombs out there as well as many recipes online to find a bath bomb that does not irritate or affect your skin. Sometimes it is best to avoid fragranced bath bombs altogether, there are a variety of companies that sell fragrance-free bath bombs, which are less harsh on your skin. Sadly many hypoallergenic bath bombs are not the most creative or exciting but at least your skin won’t be negatively affected by using them.


To create that beautiful colour in your bath many bath bombs include natural or artificial dyes which can set off those with sensitive skin. It is best to read into and check which dyes are used, those with strong colours within them are more likely to affect the skin due to the high pigmentation within the bath bombs. Many colourful and high-pigmentation products can not only cause staining to the skin but may also cause dryness and cause more damage to already irritated skin.

Although the colours may look gorgeous and create an amazing atmosphere, it’s best to avoid strongly coloured bath bombs if you know you suffer from skin issues due to it causing your skin to dry out more and therefore creating a worse issue for yourself.


It’s always best to check the ingredients of each product before use. Although bath bombs can be rather nice on the skin and make a bath experience all the better, the different ingredients may affect everyone’s skin differently. 

At Brighton Soap our bath bombs are suitable for vegans and our current formula uses Citric Acid, Bicarbonate Of Soda, Witch Hazel and Cornstarch. However, our use of Witch’s Hazel can be an irritant to some people’s skin and therefore it’s best to ask and check with a doctor before use if you think that our ingredients are not suitable for your skin.

Our products have an allergy tag on them if we believe they may affect and set off sensitive skin, however other companies may not do this and it is always best to double-check on the difference within each bath bomb depending on the company you use.

Here are a few simple rules to follow when it comes to sensitive skin/concern about allergies when it comes to bath bombs:

  • If you haven’t used the bath bomb before and are concerned about an allergy, rub it against the crook of your elbow and wait 48 hours before use to see if your skin reacts.
  • Limit your bath time to 15 minutes and always wash yourself down after use to try to avoid a reaction
  • Don’t use bath bombs every day, every once in a while is fine but every day may add to the dryness and irritation of the skin. Explore other ways of also creating an amazing bath experience for yourself
  • Make sure to moisturise and look after your skin correctly after using a bath bomb if your skin does get affected

Once again everyone’s skin is different and only you know how your skin will react, it is always best to consider these rules when deciding to use new products or different products. Always take your doctor’s recommendations when it comes to looking after your skin and making sure you are taking the best care of yourself.