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Citrus Splash Summer Gift Set


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Experience the refreshing and invigorating Citrus Splash Summer Gift Set.

This delightful gift set includes an Orange Burst Soap Sponge, Orange Mini Bath Bombs, Rose Geranium Bath Salt, and Tropical Fruit and Pineapple & Mango Bath Bombs. Indulge in the zesty citrus scents while revitalizing your senses and enjoying a tropical bathing experience. Treat yourself or someone special to this rejuvenating collection that captures the essence of summer in a truly blissful way.

Immerse yourself in the refreshing aroma of the Orange Burst Soap Sponge, combining the cleansing power of soap with the exfoliating properties of a sponge. Let the Orange Mini Bath Bombs fizz and release their captivating citrus fragrance, transforming your bath into a rejuvenating oasis.

Experience pure relaxation with the Rose Geranium Bath Salt, infused with the delicate essence of roses and the soothing qualities of geranium. Drift away to a tropical paradise with the Tropical Fruit Bath Bomb, immersing yourself in the tantalizing scents of exotic fruits. And don't forget the Pineapple & Mango Bath Bomb, which transports you to a blissful getaway with its irresistible tropical fusion.

Each product in the Citrus Splash Summer Set is thoughtfully chosen to provide a revitalizing and indulgent experience. Treat yourself or someone special to this exquisite collection, capturing the essence of summer and elevating your bathing routine to new heights of luxury and serenity.


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