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Brighton Soap Chill Pill Jar Re-fills – Sea-breeze & Rose


Sold out!

Have a gorgeous jar from our amazing Chill Pill Jars that's running low? Need a refill of fantastic scents and colours?

Look no further than our stunning chill pill re-fills. Enjoy the small but gorgeous bursts for a longer period and re-fill that fantastic-looking jar to create the perfect centrepiece for your bathroom.

Two fantastic scents in one! Our two of our best-selling chill pills in one combination. Enjoy the beautiful floral scents of our Rose Chill Pills intertwined with the fresh sea-side scents provided by the Sea-Breeze Chill Pills. Combine both in your bathtub for aromatic scents perfect for relaxing. Whether you prefer the more fragrant floral scents of our Rose Chill Pills or the seaside nostalgia of our Sea-Breeze Chill Pills, now you don't have to decide you'll be able to experience. This box contains 30-35 chill pills, about 15 of each combination. Whether you want to experience the gorgeous pink splashes or have a sea-side swim in your bath, the choice is yours.


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