With their invigorating scents, rich aromatherapy oils, and effortless fizz, these Mini Bath Bomb Chill Pills will allow you to relax, chill, and unwind in peace, tranquillity, and luxury.


The perfect gift for someone special, this delightful Chill Pill mix brings together two of our fruitiest flavours together – British cherry and Tropical Mango.

Mango and Cherry Mini Bath Bomb Chill Pill mix - Glass Jar

SKU: JBB1001
    • Looking for a Birthday or Valentine's gift? Treat your loved one to an evening of tranquillity and relaxation with these bath bomb chill pills.
    • A unique mix of high-quality British Cherry and Tropical Mango bath bombs to help you unwind.
    • Bring the tropics into your evening ritual with these high-fizz delights and contains natural ingredients rich in aromatherapy oils that will soothe your mind and your skin
    • Comes in a traditional glass jar that adds a classical flair to any bathroom.
    • Add these bath marbles to running water to wash the daily stress away.