The Relaxing Collection is the perfect gift with such a beautiful variety of colours and scents. 


Our Lavender Bath salt is perfect for those looking for a way to relax and have a peaceful evening. Our Rose Geranium bath salt is a fantastic floral scent, with gorgeous pink salt and an aromatic scent that make your bathroom smell amazing. The Blue Bay Rum is the perfect scent mixture of a sweet and tangy and stunning blue hue. A wonderful and colourful way to moisturise and look after your skin. All these bath salts are the perfect way to give you a luxurious bath, brilliant for that special occasion as a gift.


How to use: Add a small amount into a running warm bath to allow the salts to dissolve. Enjoy and relax and let your skin reveal in a gorgeous smelling bath.


How to store: Keep dry and out of reach of small children suitable for Vegans, Cruelty-free. Please consult a doctor if you have allergy concerns or are pregnant as the use of some essential oils and ingredients may not be suitable for use.

Essential Oil Bath Salts Collection - Relaxation