Brighton Soap 


Our story

We are a very small but extremely passionate business that wishes to help people with anxiety and to reduce stress in people’s lives. We created this company as we have either suffered with anxiety ourselves or know someone in our lives that does. We are not here to say that having a bath with relaxing products will cure your anxiety, we have no medical backgrounds to back that up. However, when we all got together, we spoke about what helps us in our day to day lives and the answer was taking that time to ourselves, relaxing in the bath, either listening to music or watching our favourite Netflix programs.

Before we created Brighton Soap, we wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just us that felt this way, we asked our friends and families what helped them managed stress & anxiety in their day to day lives, some said going for a run, singing in the shower, reading, taking a bath,  someone even said treating themselves to a bar of chocolate, we agreed with all of them. This is when Brighton Soap was created. We wanted to share what helps us de-stress and manage our anxiety in the hopes that it will also help others. Whether you are working 9-5, studying at university, looking after your little ones, we are here to provide you with the resources to create the perfect relaxation tool kit. Find out more about the products on offer. Bath Bombs, Mini Bath Bombs, Bath Salt, Bath Bomb Gift Sets, Candles and Essential oils.